Types of Surveillance Cameras You Should Know

Having surveillance cameras on your living place or your working place is good enough. That thing is surely able to increase your safety especially from burglar.

It is true that installing some of surveillance cameras will make spend some money. However, that problem can be limited if you understand about the types of surveillance cameras.

Each type of surveillance cameras will have different purpose and also different features. The more feature it has, the more expensive the cost will be. Because of that, if you do not want to spend too much money just because you make mistake in choosing the type of the surveillance cameras, it is better for you to read about what kind of surveillance cameras types first.

For you who want to know more about the types of camera for surveillance, you can read it on this article. We will show you the entire thing about camera for surveillance types.

4 Types of Surveillance Cameras That Available On Market

If you want to purchase surveillance cameras, then you should understand about the types of it. The surveillance cameras are consisting of 4 types. Here are 4 types of camera for surveillance purposes that you can get on the market:

  1. Indoor surveillance cameras
Indoor surveillance cameras

Indoor surveillance cameras

The first type of surveillance camera is the indoor. This type of camera for surveillance is created only to be installed in indoor. This camera type is good to monitor inside of your home.

The indoor types of surveillance cameras usually have good infrared and LED to brighten the condition inside of your home.

  1. Outdoor surveillance cameras

The other types of surveillance cameras are the outdoor. The outdoor camera for surveillance is having special feature if you compare it with other type of surveillance cameras.

It has better infrared and LED technology than other type of camera for surveillance. Beside of that, the outdoor camera surveillance is also embedded with weatherproof technology.

As the result of having more features than other type of camera surveillance, the outdoor type usually has higher cost than other.

  1. Dome surveillance cameras
Dome surveillance cameras

Dome surveillance cameras

Outdoor and indoor are not the only types of surveillance cameras. Beside of those two types, you are also able to choose the dome type.

What the difference between the dome camera surveillance with the outdoor and indoor? Well, the difference is from the shape and the sensor camera that is used inside of the surveillance cameras.

The dome camera for surveillance is using special motor that can rotate the camera 360 degree freely. This type of surveillance cameras are good enough to be installed on the wide open area.

  1. Box surveillance cameras

The last types of surveillance cameras are called box camera. It is called the box camera surveillance because it has box shape. This type of camera surveillance is only able to tilt right to left. Because of that, this surveillance cameras usually only used on the corner area.

Well, those are the entire types of surveillance cameras that you can get from the market. Make sure to choose the proper type with what your needs.

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