Understanding About Iphone 5s Camera Megapixels and Its Capability

Iphone 5s is not new anymore. It can be categorized as old smart phone. However, even it is not the newest series of Iphone, Iphone 5s still work great enough especially if you only need mobile device which have super great camera.

Many people think that iphone 5s camera megapixels are not capable enough to shot great photo like other newest flagship smart phone in this day. Unfortunately, that is not true at all. If you know how to use it properly, the Iphone 5s camera is still able to compete with other new flagship smart phone.

Do you want to know more about iphone 5s camera megapixels and its capability? If you want to know about it, you can have that information through this article.

How Many Iphone 5s Camera Megapixels?

The first thing that we need to talk about iphone 5s is about how many iphone 5s camera megapixels. Actually, Iphone 5s is having the same camera megapixel like the Iphone 6. Yes, it has used 8 megapixel cameras too.

Beside of the same megapixel, Iphone 5s also use the same sensor size like Iphone 6 has. It is using 1.5 micron sensor size. With having big sensor size, Iphone 5 is surely able to capture high quality photo.

However, it is true that Iphone 5s cannot compete with the Iphone 6 camera. It is because those two Iphone series are using different type of processor. Iphone 5S are still using A7 processor type, while Iphone 6 has used the A8 processor type.

The usage of different processor also gives huge impact on the photo quality that you can capture with using Iphone. The better processor means the better photo quality that can be captured by Iphone.

Kind of Iphone 5S Camera Features That You Can Use

You have known clearly about how many iphone 5s camera megapixels, then it is time to explain about kind of camera features that you can use in Iphone 5s.

Here are some kinds of unique and special camera features that you can have from Iphone 5S:

  • Autofocus

The first feature that you can have from Iphone 5S camera is the autofocus. It seems like the same autofocus from android smart phone. However, if you look closely, it is not the same at all.

The autofocus in Iphone is also able to improve your exposure level. With having that feature, you will surely able to take nice quality photo even in low light condition.

  • Dual flash

The other feature that you can enjoy beside of iphone 5s camera megapixels sensor is the dual flash. The dual flash feature will give more light to get better photo quality, especially if you are in low light condition.

  • Photo and video stabilization

To ensure that you are not taking blur image or video, Iphone 5S also has photo and video stabilization. It will make you even easier to take photo or video in any condition.

After reading this whole article, do you still think that iphone 5s camera megapixels are too small to be competed with other new smart phone?

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