The Advantage of Iphone 6 Camera

Iphone 6 is not the newest Iphone series anymore. However, even it is not the newest series; Iphone 6 is still able to compete with other smart phone.

One thing that Iphone 6 can compete with other smart phone is from the camera quality. It is true that iphone 6 camera looks too old if you compare it with other newest flagship android smart phone.

However, do not judge the capability of iphone 6 camera from the looks of it. We guarantee that you will be amazed with the photo quality that is taken by iphone 6 camera.

Do you want to know about what the advantage of iphone 6 camera that makes it still able to compete with other new flagship android smart phone? You can find out more information about it on this article.

iphone 6 camera

iphone 6 camera

4 Things That Makes Iphone 6 Camera Is Still Better Than Other

iphone 6 camera surely though enough to be beaten by other smart phone camera. There are many things that make iphone 6 camera still look better than other.

Here are some factors that make the camera of Iphone 6 still great to use until this day:

  1. It is easy to use

The first thing that make camera of Iphone 6 still good enough to be used until this day is because it is easy enough to be used. Yes, many people do not want and even do not understand about how to set the camera.

Every people only want to be able to take good photo quality without need to do a lot of setting. That is what can be given by iphone 6 camera.

If you want to take a picture of an beautiful object, what you need to do is just take your Iphone, turn on your camera, and shot the object.

  1. All automatic feature

Why iphone 6 camera is easy enough to be used? Well, it is because Iphone 6 is having all automatic features especially for the camera.

iphone 6 camera

iphone 6 camera

You do not need about white balance setting, color correction, exposure level, and many difficult thing of photography to take a good quality photo.

Those entire difficult things have been done by your phone. What you only need to do is just push the shot button on your Iphone.

  1. It has a lot of mode

To create perfect and high quality photo, you should use many modes. Gladly, iphone 6 camera is embedded with many modes to enhance your creativity.

You can choose many kind of mode like time lapse, panorama and dynamic exposure, square photo, and still many more.

  1. It can be used to take photo in high or low light condition

The other reason why iphone 6 camera still good enough to be used for taking photo is because it is able to take photo in any condition.

With having bigger sensor size than other smart phone camera, iphone 6 camera is surely great enough to be used both in high and low light condition.

So, do you still think that the best smart phone camera is the one that embedded inside of flagship android phone? Well, we hope that you have understood what iphone 6 camera can do after reading this article.


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