Kind of Important Factor That Make Iphone Camera Better Than Other

iphone camera is surely become the top notch smart phone camera until this time. We guarantee that no one deny about how great the quality of the Iphone`s camera after they have tried it.

Apple is serious enough not to follow the smart phone camera trend lately. They prefer to take their own road rather than following the trend that is used by other smart phone company.

The example of Apple does not follow the camera trend lately is with using the 8 megapixel camera as the main camera on their smart phone. If you see, many smart phones have used more than 8 megapixel camera nowadays.

However, even Apple is not embedded higher megapixel camera on their Iphone, they still become the best on camera smart phone quality.

Do you want to know why Apple still can compete with other flagship smart phone with using just 8 megapixel camera on their device? You can find out more the secret behind the iphone camera on this article.

3 Factors That Boost the Quality of Iphone Camera

iphone camera is not using higher megapixel like other smart phone. However, even stick with 8 megapixel camera, Iphone looks like easily compete with other.

Why they iphone camera still able to compete with other even it is not using the same megapixel camera like other? Here are some factors that become the secret of iphone camera:

  1. Iphone is using different processor
iphone camera

iphone camera

Apple is not using bigger megapixel camera on their device. However, they improve it with using the special processor. As you have known, Apple is manufacturing their own processor.

That is why; they can be easily beaten up the other competitor. The processor that is embedded inside of Iphone is the biggest factor that make iphone camera can compete with other.

With having different processor, Iphone can process more than what other smart phone can do. That is why; it is easily surpass the other smart phone camera capability.

  1. Iphone is using higher sensor
iphone camera

iphone camera

The other factor that make iphone camera easily surpass the other smart phone camera is because it has bigger sensor.

It is true that bigger megapixel will make you able to zoom in without reduce the photo quality. However, the bigger sensor is also the bigger key to create high quality photo.

Why? Well, bigger sensor will make your smart phone easily capture more light. With having capability of capturing more light, you will be able to have bright and clear photo quality.

  1. Iphone is using different flash tech

The other factor that also make iphone camera become the top notch smart phone camera is because it is using different flash technology.

What make the flash technology that is used by Apple is different with other is because it can turn into other color.

If you see the flash that is embedded on smart phone, it is usually only able to give white light. Unfortunately, to create great photo quality, you need more than white light.

That is what Apple has successfully achieved on their Iphone product. They can make the flash color change automatically based on the environment condition.

Well, those are the important factors that make iphone camera still become the top from other smart phone camera.


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