Iphone Camera VS Flagship Android Camera

When we are talking about smart phone, we must be ended with talking about Iphone and android phone. Well, Iphone and android smart phone are two types of smart phone that always compete in this time.

There are many kind of feature that usually used to compare between android and Iphone. One of those features is the camera. When we are talking about the camera, it surely that Iphone camera looks better than android camera.

Many people have agreed that Iphone camera is better than android smart phone. However, not many people understand well about the fact that make Iphone camera can be better than android camera.

Have you understood about what makes Iphone camera can beat up the android camera? Why Iphone camera is still better than android camera? You can check that information through this article.

What Makes Iphone Camera Can Beat Up Android Camera?

Iphone camera

Iphone camera

It is true that Iphone camera does not have higher megapixel like flagship android camera. Unfortunately, android camera still cannot compete with the quality that can be created with Iphone camera.

The first thing that make Iphone still has the best camera when compared to android smart phone is because it is using bigger sensor than android camera.

If you look closely, most of the android smart phone always have bigger megapixel camera. Every people think with having bigger megapixel will make the smart phone can create better photo quality.

Unfortunately, bigger megapixel is not the case to create better photo quality. The most important thing to create better photo quality is the camera sensor. The bigger the sensor, the better photo quality you can have.

If you still wonder about what the difference between megapixel and sensor of camera, you can imagine a bucket and rain. The bucket is like the sensor and the rain is the light when you use camera to take a shot.

It means that the camera with bigger sensor will be able to catch more light. A camera which can catch more light will be easier to create high quality photo.

That is the biggest reason about why Iphone camera is still better than android smart phone.

The Iphone Camera Improvement

The Iphone Camera Improvement

The Iphone Camera Improvement

Iphone camera is part which always having improvement. In the newest Iphone series, Apple provides 15% bigger sensor size than the previous Iphone series.

As the result of sensor size improvement, Iphone camera can catch 33% more light than the previous Iphone series. That is surely better than android smart phone can do.

Beside of the Iphone camera improvement, Apple also provides better processor on their newest product. The improvement in processor inside of Iphone looks like does not any relation with the Iphone camera quality.

However, the processor that is used on newest Iphone takes huge impact on the camera quality. It is because the new Iphone processor is having ISP feature. ISP is the feature that can improve many features like color correction, white balance, format conversion, and many more.

That is why; it is hard for android smart phone even the flagship series to compete with the Iphone camera quality.


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