Iphone 6s Camera Megapixels Front and Back Change

When we talk about Apple, we talk about a big tech company that provide high quality gadget. We can say that every Apple`s product always stay on the top notch level.

Iphone 6 is one of the master pieces from Apple. However, Apple is not satisfied enough with the Iphone 6. Because of that, they tried to increase the performance by adding new technology inside of it.

great the iphone 6s camera megapixels

great the iphone 6s camera megapixels

You can see the improvement clearly on the iphone 6s camera megapixels front and back change. For the first time, Apple uses 12 megapixel cameras for Iphone 6s front camera. Beside of that, Apple also increase the Iphone 6s back camera into 5 megapixels.

Do you want to know how great the iphone 6s camera megapixels after getting improvement from 8 megapixel into 12 megapixel? If you want to know more about it, you can dig that information on this article.

What Iphone 6s Camera Megapixels Capable Of?

With having new improvement, off course iphone 6s camera megapixels can do better than the predecessor. Here is what Iphone 6s can do after getting so much improvement on the camera:

  • It is capable of taking 4K video quality

After getting 12 megapixels for the front camera, now iphone 6s is able to capture 4k video quality. Actually, we can say that Iphone 6s capability is beyond the other smart phone.

It is nice and smooth function when being used to capture 4K video quality. You will not experience any lag or delay problem like other smart phone.

  • It has better autofocus and color quality

The other thing that can be done easily with using Iphone 6s is capturing high quality photo. We know that you have experienced easy capturing photo in any Iphone series.

However, this Iphone 6s can give even easier way to capture high quality photo. It is because this smart phone has been embedded with new autofocus and color quality features.

With having new auto focus and color quality features, you will be able to capture better photo quality than when you are capturing photo with Iphone 6 or Iphone 5.

iphone 6s camera megapixels

iphone 6s camera megapixels

  • It can boost selfie photo

In the last Iphone series, we cannot rely on it for selfie photo. It is because the front camera of the Iphone 6 and Iphone 5 still under the quality of other smart phone.

However, with the iphone 6s camera megapixels improvement, now we can have better selfie quality. Iphone 6s is embedded with 5 megapixels for the front camera. It means that Iphone 6s is able to capture better selfie photo.

  • It has special front flash feature

To maximize the selfie photo, Apple also embedded special front flash feature on the Iphone 6s. Whenever you want to take a selfie, the Iphone 6s display will light up to give additional light to your face. With having this feature, you will be able to capture nice and beautiful selfie photo.

Those are the entire great things that you can get from the improvement of iphone 6s camera megapixels. So, do you want to change your old Iphone into the 6s series?

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