How to Maximize Iphone 6 Megapixel Photo Quality

Can you believe if the iphone 6 megapixel quality is able to match the DSLR camera quality? Many Iphone users still do not understand what their gadget capable of. If you understand how to maximize the Iphone camera usage, you even do not need to purchase any DSLR camera which is more expensive.

Iphone 6 Megapixel

Iphone 6 Megapixel

Actually, maximizing your iphone 6 megapixel is not as hard as you though. If you want to know more about how to maximize the camera of your Iphone 6, then feel free to learn the entire tips that we will share through this article.

6 Features That Can Maximize Your Iphone 6 Megapixel

For you who want to unlock the limit of iphone 6 megapixel, which will make your smart phone equal with DSLR camera, then make sure to try using these features:

  1. Use grid feature to enhance your object composition

When you want to maximize the iphone 6 megapixel, then make sure to turn on the grid feature on your device. When you activate the grid feature, you will be easier to enhance your object composition. Grid feature will make you easier to place your object on the photo.

  1. Turn on focus and brightness feature

Beside of using grid feature, you also need to turn on the focus and brightness features. Turning on brightness and focus on your device will enhance the iphone 6 megapixel.

You will clearly able to capture nice and beautiful object when brightness and focus features are turning on.

Iphone 6 Megapixel

Iphone 6 Megapixel

  1. Use lock exposure feature

Iphone 6 is having special feature that is called lock exposure. This feature is also great enough to be used for maximizing iphone 6 megapixel.

Lock exposure is special feature that can reduce noise out of your photo. With using this feature, your object will be captured with the best light condition.

  1. Use burst mode feature

The other feature that can be used to maximize the iphone 6 megapixel is called the burst mode. This feature is one kind of feature from Iphone that make it equal with DSLR camera.

With using this burst mode, you will be able to take many photo instantly. This feature is good enough to be used when you are taking panorama photo. You only need to select the best photo from the entire photo that you have taken with using burst mode.

  1. Use auto HDR feature

You are also able to maximize the iphone 6 megapixel with using the auto HDR feature. This feature is super cool. With activating this feature, the Iphone camera will be taken shot of your object 3 times. From those 3 shots, processor will be combined and make the best photo quality.

  1. Use flare effect

The other feature that will help enhancing iphone 6 megapixel is called the flare effect. With using this effect you are able to create nice flare effect like DSLR camera can do.

However, using flare effect on Iphone is not easy. You need to set many things to enhance the flare appearance on the frame. If you are often use it, it will be easier from time to time to use.

Those are the entire things that will help improving your iphone 6 megapixel. With using those features, you will not only enhance iphone 6 megapixel, but you will get almost the same photo quality like using DSLR camera.

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