Kind of Feature You Can Enjoy with Photo Editor Free App

Photo editor free is one of photo editing application that you can get from Google Playstore for Android smart phone. As the other photo editing app, Photo Editor also can be used freely.

You do not need to purchase to use the entire feature inside of this application. However, the developer takes profit from showing ads to the user. Even you will be seen ads when using the Photo Editor app; it is not a big deal if you compare with the feature you can use from it.

Do you want to know about what kind of photo editor free feature? If you want to know more about kind of features that you can enjoy with photo editor free, you can find out that information through this article.

5 Super Features That You Can Find Inside of Photo Editor Free

Ok, photo editor free is one of photo editing application that you can use in smart phone. However, even it is just photo editing application for smart phone; you can use a lot of complex features inside of this application.

Here are some of great features you can enjoy inside of photo editor free:

  1. Cropping and resizing photo

The first feature that you can use inside of photo editor free is the cropping and also resizing feature. With having this feature, you will not need to worry anymore to resize or cropping any photo area that you do not like directly with using your smart phone.

Cropping and resizing photo

Cropping and resizing photo

  1. Changing the photo format

Photo editor free is also having such great feature that can be used for changing the photo format. With having this application inside of your smart phone, you are not only able to save any photo with JPEG extension. With using this application, you are also saving photo into other extension like PNG or GIF.

Changing the photo format

Changing the photo format

  1. Easy editing with pinching

The other feature that make photo editor free become one of the best photo editing application in Google Playstore is because the easy editing with pinching technology. When you want to zoom or edit the photo, you can pinch the photo that you want to edit.

  1. Share your photo through social media

Photo editor free also has great sharing feature too. If you have done editing your photo, you can easily share that photo through many social media like Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, and also Instagram.

photo through social media

photo through social media

  1. Add text or other picture

The last feature that you can be used inside of photo editor free is adding text or other picture to your photo. With having this feature, you are able to make your photo look better to share on social media.

Well, those are some feature that you can use from photo editor free application. Actually, we can say that this photo editing application has almost the same feature like well known photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop.

However, it still lack of complexity when compared with the entire feature that you can use in Adobe Photoshop. Even though, photo editor free still worth enough to be used as main photo editing on your android smart phone.

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