Kind of Feature in Camera 360 Apps That Can Improve Your Creativity

When we are talking about camera app in android, then we should talk about camera 360. The camera app which is created by Pinguo Inc is classified as one of the best camera apps for android.

You can do many things with using camera 360. You can turn your ordinary smart phone camera into something looks like DSLR camera. Yes, it is true that this app can make your smart phone camera to create perfect photo like DSLR camera did.

So, have you tried to use camera 360 before? If you never try it before, we suggest you to try it now. Find out what kind of feature that you can use with having camera 360 app inside of your smart phone through this article.

3 Camera 360 App Features That Will Make You Like Pro Photographer

If you are having camera 360 in your android smart phone, you will be able to use many great features. You are even able to be pro photographer. Here are 3 features that you can find inside of camera 360 app:

  1. Easy camera feature
Easy camera feature

Easy camera feature

The first feature of camera 360 app is called easy camera. The easy camera feature is special feature that will make photography look simpler.

With using this feature, you are able to take perfect shot like using DSLR camera. However, you will not need to know anything about camera setting at all.

You only need to grab your smart phone, point the camera to the object, and shot it. Yes, that all what you need to do when using easy camera feature in camera 360 app.

The camera 360 app AI technology will set the entire thing for you and ensure that you are capturing the most beautiful moment every time.

  1. Effect camera feature

Taking raw panoramic photo sometime looks ordinary or even boring. Well, that will not feel the same anymore if you take that panoramic object with using camera 360 app.

It is because you are able to use effect camera to add special effect to your object directly while you are capturing it.

Camera 360 is having a lot of effect choices. You can use approximately around 200 different and unique camera effects.

  1. Color shift camera feature
camera 360

camera 360

The other great feature that you can enjoy from camera 360 app is called the color shift camera feature. This special feature is able to make dramatic shot.

If you activate this feature, you are able to expose the color of your object and turn down the color of the background into black or white.

This feature is good enough to expose the detail of the object that you shot or even to create dramatic feeling to your photo.

After understanding about what kind of feature that camera 360 app has and you can use, do you agree when we call camera 360 app as the holy grail of the mobile photography apps?


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